About Us

Hi, and Welcome Home!

We’re so excited you’re here. We’re a collection of Western Herbal Medicine Practitioners or Herbalists who have come together to build a safe and supportive place for each other. A place we can chat, make connections, share knowledge and feel at home.

This is our communities story…

In 2011, whilst studying for my Bsc(Hons) in Herbal Medicine I started a private Facebook group as place for myself, and my herbalist friends to chat in private. A place to learn and ask questions of each other. In those days we were just called Herbal Medicine Questions (I’m not very creative with names ;-)). It very quickly grew into a much larger group, with members adding other herbalists they knew until we got to the point where we had to make it a secret group, because we were getting overwhelmed with requests to join us. The change in the name to Western Herbal Medicine Questions came later.

Then in 2020 we really had out grown the Facebook group, we needed to move away from social media, practically we needed more features and we decided it was time to move to our own dedicated home and this community space was built. So here we are, a community which grew from a small seed into a knowledge and support network for Herbalists from all over the world.

Why You Should Join Us

Join us to be part of a global community and growing network of Medical Herbalists who specialise in the Western Tradition of Herbal Medicine. We have all the resources from the original group that was on FB, plus more.

We have all the support we used to have and more…..we have bigger areas for every topic we want to talk about, we have areas we can add files, resources and courses and so much more!

We have the ability to grow into whatever the community wants and to get more and more resources, so please join us.

How to join us

We have always made sure the community has been qualified Herbalist, and students of Herbal schools we knew. This is so that there is a certain level of knowledge and to keep it as a support space for professional Herbalists.

The easiest way to join is to get a friend or colleague who is already a member to refer you, but don’t worry if you don’t have anyone in the group, we are always happy to meet new colleagues.

You can submit an application form to join us here

Our aim is to keep membership as affordable as possible so the cost is £3.60 a month to join or £36.00 for the year.

For that you will get access to a community of likeminded herbal professionals, a number of different groups discussing different aspects of Practice, and a database of 10 years of Practitioner Questions & answers (soon to be completed), CPD courses, a busy events calendar, discussion groups, recent professional research to help you in your practice and more to come!

We look forward to meeting you!

NOTE: It might be worth asking your professional association, or school if they already provide membership to us as we have a number of herbal schools and Professional associations who do.

Want to include membership to us for your students, or for your professional association members, that’s great we’d love to have you! Use our “Contact” page to find out about our bulk packages.

A Big Thanks

A big thanks has to go out to Planta Medica (the UK herbalist supplier) and all their members who helped us to fund starting this from their community fund. We couldn’t have started this journey without their help.